Recruit faster and nurture your relationships with candidates

LeadCRM minimizes the time to find the right candidate and opportunity for your organization
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recruit faster relationship


4X Faster

Find qualified candidates and add them directly to your CRM by saving time of manual process

Zero Leaks

Use 1-click sync on LinkedIn profiles to sync your contacts with CRM in no time

10h+ Saved

Save more hours by automating your manual tasks using two-way sync while surfing your prospects

Extremely effective recruitment tool

export leads from linkedin

Export your leads from LinkedIn

Get your contacts in CRM directly from their LinkedIn account and initiate your process with a smart recruitment tool. Focus on closing more candidates and winning business deals.

Sync your contacts from SalesNav

Crush your targets like a boss! LeadCRM helps you export your leads from Sales Navigator in one click, so you can work on maintaining relationships.
sync contacts from salesnav
save hours maintaining your crm

Save hours in maintaining your CRM, let LeadCRM take over

Focus on getting things done rather than doing manual work of exporting leads to your CRM tool. Help your recruitment team and account managers streamline their process.

Get updates on LinkedIn profile that are in your CRM

With two-way sync, LeadCRM lets you check your contact’s detail while you are surfing LinkedIn. Never miss an opportunity or an update while closing your candidate in recruitment
crm linkedin profile

Don’t just surf the data!

Make data-driven decisions with LeadCRM!

LeadCRM to bring growth in your organization

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